The world of seasonings is endless!

As soon as man started to cook, he immediately tried to find ways of seasoning his food not only to cover unpleasant flavours but also to enhance the natural flavour of the food itself.

Liodry Foods has always paid great attention to the development of a wide range of seasonings that, since the beginning of its story, has always represented a feather in its cap.

The seasonings are developed to enhance the taste of your dishes, your products, your food and culinary preparations.
Liodry Foods researches, studies and develops customized products that will satisfy both your production and organoleptic needs.


The use of highly selected ingredients, attention to health, the naturalness of the ingredients and a great ability to formulate, have allowed Liodry Foods to study and develop broth mixes that can help you travel create the best possible dishes or in the preparation of tasty stocks.


You can use Liodry Foods flavorings directly on your cooked dishes or use them during cooking or marinating and as an aid for the preparation of your culinary fantasies.

Stock mixes

Be ready for every occasion with our stock mixes. Use them to prepare excellent risottos, a meat or vegetable stock in just a few minutes, to add extra flavour to your soups, your dishes and your seasonings.

  • For meat dishes
  • For fish dishes
  • For Vegetable dishes
  • For sauces and condiments
  • For fish stocks
  • For meat stocks
  • For vegetable stocks

On request*

*Except for verification of feasibility.

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