Liodry Foods is a valid companion in the kitchen when preparing succulent breadcrumb or batter dishes.
AIn fact, we have developed some handy products for you that will be of precious help in preparing quick recipes.

The pre-dust mixes can be used on all surfaces of "smooth" products to increase the adhesion of the batters.
You can add our flavorings to pre-dusts or ask us to develop them specially for you and the needs of your customers. These products will help you to achieve better adhesion of the batter as well as giving your dish a great taste.

The batters can be used alone or after pre-dusting to form a homogeneous but very light coating that can be fried in a pan or deep fryer.

The breadings can be used for the most varied types of products and will give your dishes a pleasant browning both from an aesthetic and organoleptic point of view.
Our breading mixes can be used both with and without egg according to your needs.

The breadcrumbs will help you control the absorption of water in your fillings giving them softness and avoiding common chemical and "texture" problems.
Our breadcrumb mixes can also be made in different colours according to your needs.

The products are applied directly by hand by sprinkling the product on the food and then shaking the food to remove any excess product; or alternatively using coating machines, which automatically apply a film of dust on the product.

  • Pre-dust
  • Batters
  • Egg breading
  • Breading without egg
  • Breadcrumbs

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