When we talk about stuffed pasta, we immediately drift into a world of different pasta shapes and flavours that take us on a journey through different regions, traditions and ingredients.

Stuffed pasta is made with fresh rolled pasta, with or without egg, with a meat, fish, vegetables or cheese filling.

Italy offers w wide range of stuffed pasta with different "fillings": Agnolotti, Anolini, Cappelletti and Cappellacci, Caramelle, Casonseì, Fagottini, Mezzelune, Ravioli, Tortelli and Tortelloni, Tortellini, and many others.

Liodry Foods always trives to offering the best possible solution by respecting as much as possible traditional recipes in order to transfer the best and most authentic flavours to its preparations.

Liodry Foods is at your disposal in order to achieve the best possible solution for your specific needs both in terms of flavour, quality, shelf-life, organoleptic qualities.


Liodry Foods Stuffed Pasta Preparations are mixes of carefully-dosed ingredients that perfectly adapt to your specific flavour requests and production processes. Add them to your standard formulation or simply add water to get a delicious filling.

Cheese Flavours

  • 4 Cheeses flavour
  • Blue Cheese flavour
  • Cheddar flavour
  • Emmenthal flavour
  • Gorgonzola flavour
  • Mozzarella falvour
  • Grana flavour
  • Pecorino flavour
  • Other flavours upon request

Other flavours

  • Ricotta and spinach
  • Asparagus
  • Meat
  • Provencal herbs
  • Mushrooms
  • Raw ham
  • Zucchini

On request*

*Except for verification of feasibility.

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